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Is she a Psychic?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is she a Psychic?

I know a woman who can read my mind..I remember one day a really bad day..I lost my phone so when i  got home i went straight to my room so no one would know cause i know that when they find out i will get scolded..but boom as soon as i lay in my bed she went up and ask me what happened.. I didn't even talk when i got home..i did not look at her eyes so how did she know? Of course i cannot lie anymore so i told the truth..and i ask her? how did you know? and she answered just by your actions..

and She is no Psychic..She is my mom.!
No matter how much we deny it our mom will be the only
person who will know us better than ourselves...

Treasure your Mom and show her how much
you love her!!

Happy Mothers they to my mom and all the moms
in the world


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