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The Middle Child Syndrome

Saturday, May 29, 2010

For those who don't know what Middle Child Syndrome
click the link for more info.

Some people may not believe it but it exist I can
testify to it because i am a middle child myself..I am
born with an older sister and a younger brother..

I have wondered why my parents don't realize that i
was being treated unfairly by them. When i was young
i have thought of running away from home for some
reasons i have forgotten..that was stupid and ive realize
i will never do that..

For an instance when i was in a camping i waited for my
mom for a long time that i got desperate and i went home
alone, while during my brother's time they were already
waiting for him 30 minutes before he's the same
with our outbound eventhough i was tired i go home alone
while he got fetch by my mom or dad.. but this experience
made me more independent..i seldom ask my parents for
help if i have problems and sometimes they don't even know
i have one..and i've handled it all alone.

It was also hard for me to get what i want i have to give them
really good reasons or literally beg for it  that's when i realize
that my parents won't be around forever so i better start getting
things i want on my own.

 part 2 tomorrow gonna sleep now!!


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