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The Middle Child Syndrome part 2

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the brighter side i am sure that i am not the most unfortunate

middle child in the world..

contrary to the belief..

1. No..I was not neglected
maybe because i am really an attention seeker ever since i was
young. I would do crazy things that my mom would get worried
of my actions and that cause her to look after me a lot back then..
This attitude of mine has toned down a lot this days but i know i
still unconsciously do some attention seeking things..

2. I am not anti social..
I am not the most approachable person out there but once a get
use to my environment i become friendly..and i have my own group
of friends...and the people i don't talk to are people i don't like.

3. I love being different...
They say that middle children are mostly the ones that has the most
different attitude among the siblings and i don't care i love being different
I love how i have different likes and passion compared to my siblings and
after all every person is unique and no two person is exactly the same.

4. I show them what i feel..
The thing is i know my parents are not fortune tellers..and they can't 
know everything im feeling..i tell them modestly,show it in my actions
(not the throwing things type though)what i do is i don't talk to them 
and make them feel that i feel mistreated and i do think that every 
parent is sensitive enough to know that something wrong with their child.

If you think that your the most unfortunate middle child out there..think
of people who grew up w/o a FAMILY aren't you tons luckier than them? 
Well I can say I AM, they don't have any parents to complain how they 
are being mistreated and no siblings that they can blame for the lack of
attention from their parents...

Focus on the things you have and get over the things you don't have that 
would be much easier because every one in the family has a role and i'm
sure that in each role there are pros and cons.


AudaciousTori June 1, 2010 at 8:37 PM  

Yes They are know for problems However its wonderful that you have evaded its pitfalls

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