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Memories through Music

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Have you ever experience going back to some old memories just because you hear a song? Well according to psychology it's the other way around Old memories are the ones that makes us remember the song..a little trivia out there.

Well I'm talking about Westlife songs, as corny as it sounds i am a fan. I remember being around second to fourth grade when they were in the peak of their career. Hearing they're songs brings back memories of carefree days with just little responsibility and little problems ive been through back then. Westlife and other boy groups of the nineties i think is the Justin Bieber equivalent this days.

Memories are the only thing constant in life it can either be good or bad but going back and thinking about it will still remain as one of the fulfilling task you'll ever do.

With that I leave you a Westlife Song Queen of my Heart


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