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Pilipinas kay Ganda!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This post as inspired by:  Awesome Planet--Paano papagandahin ang Pilipinas kay ganda?

This is the new slogan of the Philippine Tourism. In english it can be translated as Beautiful Philippines or Philippines so Beautiful.

What is my verdict for their new slogan? When i first heard it in the news i was also quit shock because it was not in english and i thought it would not work. But after reading all the comments in awesome planet i came to realize that it will never work. Why? because we Filipinos don't believe in it. People keep on saying how it should not be the name of our tourism project and i realize how lame i am by believing that it would not work simply because it is not in english.

After my realization this is now how i will justify the Philippines' new slogan.

The new slogan was not only made to attract foreigners in the country but also make the locals realize how beautiful their country is. Using our native language is part of our identity that should never be thrown away by globalization. We should make all Filipinos ambassador of the Philippines. We should first make every Filipinos believe that Philippines is a beautiful country. Go on trips in different part of the Philippines before going abroad and patronizing products made by their fellow Filipino. If we don't learn to appreciate our country who else will? If we don't promote the Philippines positively who else will?

After all in the end of the day a conversation like this would happen

Foreigner: hey what does Pilipinas Kay Ganda means?
Filipinos: It's means Philippines So beautiful with a big smile on their face and honesty seen in their eyes because they know that truly Philippines is indeed a very beautiful country.

Just my sentiments..

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