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Two Faces of My Girlfriend Review

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last week i had a Korean movies marathon. Now is the time to share my favorites! I would write 3 different reviews for 3 different films. This being the first one and others will also be written today but scheduled to be post on different dates. I will be very busy this coming days since i'm trying to land a writing  job in Odesk so that i can save up for this camera I really like. If I'm able to reach my goal I promise to review the gadget. Wish me Luck!! 

The story started out with with Guchang (Bong Tae-Gyu)who has never been inlove before met a very beautiful, naive and innocent girl named Anni(Jeong Ryeo-Won). Despite Guchang being a typical loser Anni seems to not care and still hangs around with him shortly, Guchang developed a deep attachment to Anni and for the first time in his life fell inlove. All seems to be going to well in Guchang's lovelife I remember a conversation Guchang had with his friend saying that if the girl he'going out with is pretty then there must be something wrong with her but he later gave his friend some support by saying to just bare with her imperfections if he really likes her. And guess what? his friend was right on spot. One night while they were drinking Anni suddenly became a violent and merciless lady beating Guchang until he bled and beg for his life. Guchang thinking it was just the effect of alcohol on her ignored it. Soon Guchang realize that it was not the effect of alcohol but it was Hanni(Anni's split personality). But because of Guchang's love for Anni he ignored all this and still continue seeing her. After all the things he tried to accept will he be able to withstand another blow in Anni's personality? Another twist will happen but i will not spoil cause I think I've said enough.

I've decided to hang the story so that the readers will watch the movie! Yes this is how much i like the movie hanging my review so that readers will watch. The movie is a comedy that will make you laugh out loud at the same time heartwarming that would make you want to fall inlove. I specifically like the Human Lighthouse Scene it was the one of the sweetest scene i have ever seen kmovies. 

The acting was really good too. Anni (Jeong Ryeo-Won) who I've known from My name is Kim Samsoon and Which star are you from was believable in performing two different characters in one. While Guchang (Bong Tae-Gyu) was just really good in acting and really funny too. 

On a personal note: Since the movie is about personality. In Psychologically it has been proven that all people even those without mental illness or disorder are Bipolar by nature. See how you act differently in front of your family, girlfriend/boyfriend,boss etc. and it is completely normal. Extremity is the only thing that sets it apart from Multiple Personality Disorder


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