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The Beast and The Beauty Korean Review

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm sure everyone have watch the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. So surprisingly this is what the movie is all about with a modern and funny twist Haeju(Shin Min-a)(Beauty) is Blind and Donggun(Ryu Seung-beom)The Beast is pretending to be a Prince Charming describing himself as his High school hearthrob friend Joon-ha (Kim Kang-woo). 

All things were going well between the two when suddenly Haeju got an eye donor and was able to see after the operation. Donggun then panic making an excuse of having a business trip to Hawaii and considered going under the knife to look good or to look like Joonha. While waiting for Donggun to comeback from his supposedly trip to Hawaii, Haeju then met Joonha and immediately thought he was Donggun but because Haeju is a beauty Joonha easily fell inlove with her and started pursuing her. This became Donggun's biggest problem worrying that Haeju might fall for Joonha since his an ideal guy handsome and a job as a Prosecutor to brag. Remembered the funny scene where Donggun intentionally bump to Joonha everytime his on the his way to Haeju's work to visit her and asked him to drink and have a meal almost everyday just to prevent him from visiting her. It was crazy and funny but showed Donggun's dedication to Haeju. After countless alibis Haeju then realized that Donggun was deceiving her. She decides to go to Hawaii all by herself but because she she has no necessary documents she was sent to the airport desk, where she met Donggun who was having problems with his passport, This scene revealed how low Donggun's confidence is in his self, not even going after Haeju after she gets angry. Joonha then decides to give way and thinks of a plan to get the two back together. It was a Happy Ending.

It was a good story at least unlike other Korean movies who emphasize Physical beauty as a superiority this film showed that being beautiful doesn't really come from how we look but how we treat others. On the otherside watching the film I don't think Donggun is ugly or beastly looking. Sometimes films really over do it. Most of all it was really entertaining and funny. True Beauty is deeper than the skin.

Acting wise they were good but just so you know I have a huge bias when it comes to Shin Min Ah because of My Girlfriend is a NineTailed Fox/Gumiho. She was so cute and pretty in that drama that she instantly became one of my favorite Korean actress.


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