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Unstoppable Marriage Korean Movie Review

Monday, April 25, 2011

When Eun Ho(Eugeneand Ki Baek(Ha Seok-jin) met in a Paragliding accident they immediately started hating each other because they hold different point of view on many things. Eunho was an artist who make Korean paper dolls which i have to say are pretty and KiBaek is a Plastic Surgeon. Shortly after endlessly annoying each other, they  fell in love and started a relationship. Now the only problem they have is the approval of their parents. Ki Baek's mother is a business tycoon who hates cheap things and loves anything that came from France. While Eun ho's father is a traditional Korean who does fortune telling. The big difference between the lifestyle of the two made it really hard for Ki Baek and Eunho to convince them to agree on their marriage. Their parents even pretended to be in a relationship just to break them up. After much thought the two decided to part ways because they both wanted to make their parents happy for they have sacrifice their whole life taking care of them alone. After Eunho's Father and Ki Baek's mother realize that the two really love each other. They finally allowed them to get married. It's was truly an Unstoppable Marriage

This film is really funny specially Ki Baek's mom. She's so funny especially when she tries to curse in English that it got stuck in my head. Eugene who I've know from Baker King Kim Takgu and Three Dads and One Mom did a good job but it was definitely not her best acting.


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