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The Liar Game Jdrama Review

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I know this Japanese drama is quit old compared to others but if you have not watched it then I can highly recommend you give it a try. I've been looking for a drama that would make me think and not feel frustrated everytime the lead character fails to get the girl or dies etc. So the story begins when Nao Kanzaki Erika Toda described by people as too honest for her own good receives an invitation to take part in The Liar Game Tournament accidentally falling into the point of no return she decided to ask the help of Akiyama Shinichi Matsuda Sho a genius swindler who just got out of prison. A lot of games have been set up testing both Akiyama's brilliance and Nao's unwavering trust for people. With a big amount of money at stake use to lure the players will they find the truth in all the lies?

This series Liar Game made me realize a lot of things. Yes as the show portrays people are weak only caring about themselves and lying for their own good but that is why we have each other to fill up this weakness and trust each other. It's sad that all people know that lying is bad but we still do it (yes I didn’t exclude myself because I would lie if I have too.) I stand 50/50 on my trust issues I can trust people with all my heart but once you betray me no matter what you do you won't my trust back if only I can learn how to trust unconditionally like Nao. 


Nao Kanzaki I have to admit i found her super stupid when i was starting to watch the series but after some time I've realized how essential her character was including her personality. She's those few people who make us strive to be a better person ourselves. Someone who can prove us that not all people are the same that in this world full of liars, true and honest people still remains. After realizing this  my view on her character change drastically. 

Akiyama Shinichi This guy was brilliant in every sense. He was really a genius so I thought he was the one helping Nao from the very start making plans and strategy to win the Liar game but it was the other way around Nao was teaching him something he would never acquire even if he is the smartest person in the world. 

So I’m breaking my plans for this May by coming out with this drama review because I really enjoyed the series after making me think of ways to solve their problems and making me confuse about whose lying or not it made me go back to the most essential part of the game which is Trust. 

The Liar Game is consist of two seasons and one movie. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as i did :)


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