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Sophie's Revenge Chinese Movie Review

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1The story was very cute I was actually in a bad mood when i decided to watch it but after watching it I felt a lot better. It's a really feel good movie with extremely famous cast. Zhang Ziyi as Sophie, Peter Ho as Gorden, Fan Bingbing as Joanna, So Ji-sub as Jeff.

One of my favorite chinese actress is Zhang Ziyi so when i saw this i did not hesitate to give it a try. The story was typical but really funny. Sophie was dumped for Joanna a movie star so she tries her best to take revenge on her ex boyfriend Jeff and in the end get him back. With her love gone and the demand to pass a new comic book before the due date she decided to use her comic book to show different ways to win your love back and of course with her as the first person to try each methods. After all the mishaps that happened  Jeff seems to start regretting the fact she left Sophie but Sophie on the other hand have became unsure of what she really feels because of Gorden who has been there for her all along while she was trying to win her boyfriend back.

It was quite refreshing to see Zhang Ziyi taking up this role because she always takes on serious roles with lots of fight scenes and seeing the Korean actor So Jisub in the movie shocked me. It's a must watch with pure fun and love painted all over th movie.


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