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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

im kinda annoyed with my friend cause
she's trying to be EMOtera
i just don't get it.....

this is what she did...

its not that serious but still....

i really like emo not as a fashion statement/
trend but the music itself... As far as i
know it's not a fashion it's a genre in music..

so i don't think that people who cut their pulse
and hurt themselves can be called emo and i think
they are more of (fill in the blank)....

there are a lot of good emo bands and im a fan but you
don't necessarily have to hurt yourself to be a so called
"Certified Emo"

back to my friend she's receiving a lot of criticisms
from me because of what she did...and i told her not to
do that again....but i think she didn't listen..


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