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time flies so fast.....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a while a ago i was watching the news and
something about Christmas was shown made me
realize that few months from now i will again
see people attending simbang gabi(more of simbang
madaling araw) on my way to school...

The last thought i had about Christmas was the time
it was about to end the holiday period i was thinking
more about the end of holiday more than the end of
Christmas....but now just a few months i will experience
same old new feeling all over again.

Reminds me that at about 8 months i will leave the so
called happiest part of school life..High School

i feel different emotions:
happy cause im gonna move forward..
sad cause i have to leave the things i got use to during
those 4 years.....
scared well sometimes im just scared to look ahead


seeing those news...made me realize many things..

sometimes you could interpret simple things and
make it deeper and i love doing that...


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