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Sched of the month

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tomorrow we don't have any classes in respect to
the end of Ramadan we also didn't have any classes
last Monday i don't know why but it's a school thing
or as they say school holiday...

what to write haven't post for 4 days that's because of
many factors like school works,laziness and of course
no topic to talk about.

I'm gonna be busy this coming week cause it's exam week
again.. so i guess i won't be able to post that much
next week...

but the week after next is definitely gonna be exciting
first of all next next Monday will be are much awaited
OUTBOUND I'll discuss more about this later... and that week
will also be our theres a lot of things happening
and i will have more things to post.

i also heard from my classmate about the incoming sembreak
she said it's this month but im not really sure.


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