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Away from blogging for a week or 2

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'll be away from blogging for a week or two cause i have to get back on track with school works and stuffs. Because I still have some summer jetlag and it affects my study and schedule..So i have to sacrifice something to
do better. It will only take a week or two for me to adjust to my new school schedule and after that im sure i'll be able to handle updating my blog and  studying hard at the same time so until..then please bare with me..

Restraining from blogging this time includes Entrecard droppings...To my Entrecard Droppers i will be back before you even notice...^_^

uhmm..remembered  that the 30th is the Inauguration of the next Philippine President and i surely cannot miss that so that they would be an exception and besides i have no classes that day so im free to blog...^_^


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