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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not an anime fan but i have had classmates back in high school addicted to them and they tell me stories about it and my brother too is an anime fan so I'm quite familiar with them..My high school classmates even told me that they were saving money to join a cosplay cause it doesn't cost that cheap. Well i was not really sure if their plan happened but as for me i saw what cosplay was for the first time...

I went to the mall with my friends today and we were lucky enough to witness an on going cosplay of different anime was so cool and guess what i took a lot of cool pictures of them with me..and once it gets uploaded i will surely blog about it. You'll be amazed because of the craftsmanship put on every costume made and of course we only took pictures with cosplayers we thought looked really cool. I really think that dressing people for cosplays are really big test of ones artistic ability. I thought it was so cool that at one point there i wanted to wear what they were wearing and for most part i wanted to be the one making their was so it

so better watch out for really cool anime characters with me..hahaha i won't give a hint who they were for now..


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