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Im trying know!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exactly! I'm trying hard and i hope our teacher will know that. I feel really down after quizzes in her subjects and my friends are with me...we are all staring in space right after it..

Well you must have felt the way i feel right now for at least once in your life..I read and memorize things more than i have ever did my whole life..(you see I'm really lazy in studying)..but it does nothing. She will give test items that sounded strange and unfamiliar to my ears..its crazy..its driving me crazy but what can i do that's life i just hope that will all the effort i put in her subject i will pass.(cross fingers).^_^

I'm also trying hard to understand what's happening with my fellow high school's crazy how they are dating each other in a way i would have never imagined..You will see their facebook relationship status with a certain name that is actually a close friend's ex..and still continue their friendship as if nothing do they do that? i have seen this happen many times but it still freaks me out i actually thought of a term for it..and i call it Recycling...just figure out why. I mean were in college now and i think that there are far more interesting guys out there than my old schoolmates..well that's life..just try hard to understand them.


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