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Lost in the Anime World...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was walking..walking then i said were am I? then i saw familiar faces and concluded, This is the Anime my short time there i didn't forget taking they were

       our so many solo pics of him but i think
        this was the best one..
  awww..the human shark got Ax
         This costume is really cool...   

              The cute boy..^_^        
    Lol..the shark attacks again
  My the costume and love the lively
  2nd Best
 3rd best.hmmm.. tied with the violet one

      Group Pixxxxx

    This was good too..wonder why we did'nt have a solo of him..

      After running around and taking pictures here i am tired..

There were a lot more good costumes and cosplayers we had picture with..but this were the best shots..some pictures were so crazy specially our i think you know what i mean..^_^


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