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Thank God it's Friday!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A statement written on my classmate's shirt which also made me feel the feeling of thanking God it's friday!! Another busy week has ended for me..i feel the pressure continuously climbing up and me struggling to follow the rapid flow..

Thank God it's Friday i can rest without any other thoughts than just resting..i can slack around without feeling guilty! and most of all i can reflect on my deeds this week..Well time flies so fast and hell week is just 2 weeks ahead of me and my ever so demanding Psychometrics Professor is asking for a written report about different psychological before the hell week. I still have to finish that project..that means extra work on weekends and it will start tomorrow..what a happy day right?

At this moment i can really say  im in a relationship..yes im in a relationship with my studies...^_^

well this days im so into sara bareilles songs

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