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Take a Break

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I actually did this break for 3 reasons:

1. To ease my internet addiction cause everyone knows how bad it is coming from a long vacation and going back to the normal school life.

2. To fix my schedule..means alotting time for my everyday activity without  feeling so tired and missing out on things..

3. To test myself how long i can withstand not using the internet.

Sometimes going away from your normal routine helps because you see new things that you would have not seen if you just continue the usual things you do....

If you feel tired,depress or sad i have one good advice for you Take a does not mean neglecting your responsibilities and leaving everything behind, but reflecting on what is to be done and going back as a person who is confident enough to face problems and  solving them without any doubts because you did not rush things out, instead you took sometime out and thought about it very well.

Just be positive and make the right choices and im sure that good things will follow

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