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Philippines' People Power and Egypt

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay i have totally forgotten about this post. It was left unfinished for a while and only now have i gotten the chance to complete  it. Series of events have quickly unfolded and this post may seem to be outdated but i would still like to post it because a lot of countries have become inspired in bringing back the democracy in their country.

In Psychology there is a term called "frame of reference" since i was not yet born when this happened i am telling the story in my own frame of reference it may seem different and distorted compared to the older and younger generation and there is no need to criticize my thoughts.

A lot of news has been coming out about the massive protest happening in Egypt. Shutting down the internet connection,cutting telecommunication lines. Have made me instantly remember the Philippines' People Power Revolution. Lead by the now deceased Corazon Aquino mother of our President. That time the President was Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines famous dictator though i regard him as a person with a very brilliant mind and i believe that despite his bad reputation have done good things for the country.

I was not yet born when People Power Revolution happened but since it is a very important part of our country's history i think i know enough details about the event based on documentaries, lectures and books.


Filipino people for the first time after 30 long years have gathered enough courage to condemn the current administration and bring back the democracy and freedom in the Philippines. After the death by gunshot of the famous opposition senator Benigno Aquino Sr.,while going down to the plane in a Philippine airport. Series of demonstrations were made. Everyone went out of the streets unarmed but high in spirits chanting, praying and waiting for the then President Marcos to surrender his Presidency. After the death of Benigno Aquino his wife Corazon Aquino became the iconic figure of democracy showing the people light for freedom in every sense. She then became the new president after Marcos flew away from the country becoming the first  female president and the first president under the 1987 constitution.

 A video would give a better view of this part of our history.

So what the Egyptians are trying to do is possible. After all people are the most important part of a state. But what comes after? 25 years after our famous People Power is the Philippines already a first world country? The big answer is No. Bringing back the democracy is just a step for making a strong and stable economy. I know the people there are hoping for a better life right after the chaos but serious work is to be done. Philippines after gaining back the democracy have stopped aiming higher goals for the country it's sad but i know one day we will make it. I hope the Egyptians will learn some lesson from our history. We may be of different race and culture but we are all under the same sky.


Mario March 2, 2011 at 12:44 PM  

Hi Riza, great post. You are an insightful writer. I also start writings and they get put aside. Its great when we re-discover them. I'm glad you found this one. Thanks for following my blog. It means a lot. Incidentally, I also have a LOW tolerance for spicy foods. Every once in a while I forget and the peppers remind me. It's a working relationship we have with each other. I see that you are a student in psychology and I wanted to offer any help that I can as you pursue the field. If you have any questions on caeers or directions, I would be glad to give suggestions or ideas! And by the way, don't ever stop writing. You are good at it!

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