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Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm Review

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fourth review of the series. Human Heart Nature is selling different variants of Lip Balms but i chose this one because i was kinda curious on how a choco-vanilla lip balm would smell and taste. So here it is my Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm  Review.

Again the all organic ingredients =)

Any reactions after using the product? No, my lips just felt soft and moisturize after putting it.



First impression of the product? I can't stop smelling this lip balm and i'll never get tired of doing so because it smells exactly like choco-vanilla I really love it when I'm using products that smells like food. =)

What was it's effect on my lips? As I said my lips felt soft and moisturize. Gone were the days when people would notice my chapped lips. It really made my lips soft and even when i don't have it i on, my lips were not as chapped as before. I can say I really see good effects in the Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm. 

I can only say good things about this product. I've always had problem with chapped lips but i avoided using lip balms or gloss because most of the time they are too sticky for my liking. And this one is really different not heavy at all and doesn't give you a sticky feeling. As a testament to liking this product i also use it before i sleep to keep my lips from chapping at night.

that's all wait for the next one =)


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