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Hand and Body Goat's Milk and Cocoa Lotion Review

Friday, October 21, 2011

First of all i wanna tell my readers why i decided to make some beauty reviews this semestral break. I love lurking around the Blogosphere and it was then i discovered the world of beauty blogging for more than a year now i have been following a lot of beauty blogs and reading reviews about different products but i never thought of making one my self until i saw my sister making reviews about beauty products and realize i could try it too since it won't hurt to try something new. =)

So again i'll use my Human Heart Nature Haul post as reference for this one. Now i'm gonna review the Hand and Body Goat's Milk and Cocoa Lotion

  Here are the all organic ingredients of this Hand and Body Lotion.

Did I have any reactions using this product? No, i did'nt have any reactions to this product but then again our skin types are different from each other.

What was my first impression of the product? Well nothing really stood out in this product it looks and feels just like other lotions I've tried except that it's smells exactly like a real mango that I'm tempted to taste it. Texture wise the product was not too thick and spreads out easily.

        before                            after applying the lotion

What was it's effect on my skin?  Right after using the product my skin felt so soft and nice to touch. It smells like a real mango but i never had any problems with ants biting me while sleeping even though i smell sweet. The smell doesn't really last long but the softness in your skin last the whole day. I use it every morning before going to school and at night before going to bed. 

How long will it last with daily use? I think it will only last for 1 month since I use my lotion daily( morning and night). Even though it will only last for a month i think it's still worth the price i payed since other lotions in the market have the same price or even more expensive and most of all they contain non-organic chemicals.

From the comments I've read from the human heart nature site they are phasing out the product soon. And i'm not really happy because i would love to purchase it again after i finish this bottle. I'm really a big fan of fruity smells especially if it's smells like one of my favorite fruits.

So that's about it!! Wait for my next reviews =)


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