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Human Heart Nature Super-Fruits & Black Rice Facial Scrub Review

Sunday, October 23, 2011

 Third review of the Human Heart Nature Haul Series. By now i'm getting used to it. Endlessly uploading pictures and writing about my thoughts about the products have become easier. So without further ado here's my review of the Super-Fruits and Black Rice Facial Scrub. (as you can see i'm following the same pattern of questions for every review since this are the questions i always ask before getting a product)

Again i'm giving you a peak of the all organic ingredients that human heart nature use for this product.(just enlarge the pic for better view)

Did i have any skin reaction using this product? No, but as i have said in my two previous post skin type of people varies. It can be their genes,eating habits or lifestyle but some are really prone to having breakouts while others are blessed effortlessly clear skin.

What was my first impression of the product? It doesn't smell good and I don't think i'll ever get used to it's smell but for the sake of this facial product being all organic i'll let it go. Another thing is the rice grains i can see it with my naked eyes and feel it with my bare hands.

Okay I'll elaborate more on it's texture by showing pictures here they are
(the small brown dots you see are  rice grains)

What does it feel like after applying it to the face? While applying it in my face i thought i was using a body scrub the grains are big and it can really hurt my skin if I scrub too hard. So Instead I scrub my face gently in circular motion so that it won't hurt my face. So here comes the after application part I think it did it's part because after washing of the scrub my face felt super soft and when i look in the mirror my face looked healthy and bright.

How long will it last with daily use? Since it's a facial scrub using it everyday will be too harsh for the skin so i only use it 3 times a week and a pea-size amount is enough for the whole face so i think it will last for 2-3 months. 

I was starting out with whole exfoliating routine and I've already bought a body scrub and have been using it for months but I still didn't own any facial scrub so i haven't had much experience with using facial scrubs. Human Heart Nature Facial scrub is not a bad facial scrub to start with though the product definitely has a room for improvement. and despite the flaws of the Human Heart Nature Facial Scrub  its still all organic and won't do any harm to your skin unlike other chemically made scrubs. =)


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