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How to prevent pimples

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hi im back and as promise i would like to share the girly side of me.

 I have really sensitive skin and i suffered from acne back at the peak of my puberty so i really do my best to take care of my skin. Suffering from acne was hard i've used a lot of products and none of them seemed to work until my skin started clearing up and that was the time i told myself that i'll never go back to the old me. Those were really rough times i don't even take pictures back then because i was so embarrassed with my skin. I didnt like going out cause I always feel like their staring at my full of pimples face.

So here are my tips on how to prevent pimples:

1. After that breakout i realized that you cannot get rid of pimples overnight or a short period of time. You should have patience.

2. Observe your daily routine to pin point what causes you to break out.

3. If you've already use all kinds harsh stuffs try going for the mild ones. Maybe your skin just is too sensitive for harsh skin products.

4. Don't touch your face or at least disinfect before observing/touching your pimples.

5. Don't prick! trust me when  your pimples are all gone this scars made by pricking will become your major problem.

6. Pimples usually leave blemishes to our skin and all you have to do is find an effective whitening soap and use it daily. When going out use sunblock to prevent your blemishes from getting darker.

7. Drinks lots and lots of water because it keeps the skin moisturize and keeps bad stuff away from our body by eliminating them through urination.

8. Make healthy choices because if your body is healthy then it can heal itself faster.

9. Live your life the way it was before you got acne. Having acne doesn't make you less of a person it is just like any other disease that can be cured over time so why bother. Friends/Lovers etc are considered fake when they leave you behind because of your bad skin. I mean that's just lame right!


I Hope this help people who are having pimples or acne problem.=)


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