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Human Heart Nature Haul

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last month i realize i was running out of essential skin products and wanted to try something different and new. So what came to my mind was Human Heart Nature. It is an amazing company that sells all organic and chemical free beauty products in very reasonable prices. I also wanted to support it because it is a Filipino company and it aims to help Filipino farmers make a living. Sorry for the pictures I've been using the products for almost a week before I realize i should take pictures. =b

So what are the things I got??

So there they are it cost me no more than P1000 for all this products including the shipping. The prices are very reasonable for a college student like me.

The shipping took less than 24 hours but again I'm living in metro manila so that's understandable. 

Watch out i'll review each product this following days =)


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